Newton’s laws of motion are used to plan the course of missions to Mars and the braking efficiency of cars.  However, well before we learnt physics in school, we all have an understanding of the physical behaviour of objects around us.  We need to understand both: digital devices need to work within the physics of the world, but also be comprehensible.  Simple rules of objects that are routinely broken in the digital word: a source of power, but potential confusion.  We will use the magic world of fairy tale to see how some properties, continuity of location in time and space and conservation of form, can in some circumstances be broken; but others, conservation of number, are far more primitive and shocking when violated.  Physical form is also critical for our emotional engagement with objects and may engage many senses, such as touch and sound, as well as visual form.

Keywords: Physicality, Temporal non-locality, Physical non-locality, Hidden state, Conservation of form