Ramduny-Ellis, D., Dix, A., Hare, J. and Gill, S. (eds.) (2007) Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Physicality, Physicality 2007, (2-3 Sep. 2007), Lancaster University, UK, ISBN 978-1-905617-60-9, UWIC Press.
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Dix, A., Ghazali, M. and Ramduny-Ellis, D. (2007) Modelling Devices for Natural Interaction. In Proceedings of FMIS 2007 2nd International Workshop on Formal Methods for Interactive Systems, P. Curzon and A. Cerone (eds.), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 208C, pp. 23-40, Elsevier.
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Modelling Devices for Natural Interaction

We do not interact with systems without first performing some physical action on a physical device. This paper shows how formal notations and formal models can be developed to account for the relationship between the physical devices that we actually press, twist or pull and their effects on systems. We use state diagrams of each but find we have to extend these in order to account for features such as bounce-back, where buttons or other controls are sprung. Critical to all is the fact that we are physical creatures and so formal models have to take into account that physicality.

Keywords: physicality, interaction modelling, affordance, natural interaction, physical devices

Ramduny-Ellis, D., Dix, A., Hare, J. & Gill, S. (2007) Second International Workshop on Physicality. In Proceedings of BCS HCI 2007 Volume 2, People and Computers XXI, (3-7 Sep. 2007), pp. 217-218, ISBN 978-1-902505-95-4, BCS.
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