Physical Fidelity in Design3-4 July 2008

The National Centre for Product Design and Development Research (PDR)
University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) now Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Keynote Speakers

Josephine Reid, senior design researcher, HP Laboratories, Bristol, UK

Josephine Reid joined HP Labs in 1994 having worked in Research and Developmentat Texas Instruments on expert systems and prior to that for Rank Xerox on HCI prototyping and testing interface designs. This early experience demonstrated the value of prototyping in design, a practice which she has evolved to encompass products, services and rich experience design.

Jo is currently a senior experience design researcher in HP Laboratories at Bristol. Experience design is a holistic approach that incorporates both what an appliance does and also where it takes you mentally, spiritually and physically. It shifts the focus of design from efficiency of execution to quality of experience. The aesthetics of interaction, the context, who you are with, your expectations and your mood all effect the experience.

Jo has helped to design, lead and analyse a number of field trials to test the value of situated mediascapes and mobile and pervasive technologies. Mediascapes are a new medium that incorporate sensory and mobile technologies to deliver a context sensitive experience. One of the simplest forms of mediascape uses GPS as a location sensor to automatically trigger the playing of media on a handheld computer, based on movement. Jo has been instrumental in the design and production of a range of different forms of mediascape that have been deployed for evaluation. Analysis and insights from this and other experimental applications have led to various publications and workshops for mediascape design. She has also shaped the development of the mscapers.

Durrell Bishop, Luckybite, UK

Durrell Bishop is an innovator in product design, physical interfaces and interactive media. He was a founder of itch Ltd, worked in the UK for IDEO, the US for Apple Computers and Interval Research. He has lectured internationally on simple hardware/software interfaces and taught for many years at the Royal College of Art in London. Durrell’s large scale work for the Science Museum Welcome Wing won a D&AD Gold award in 2001.

Tom Hulbert, Luckybite, UK

Tom Hulbert is a product and interaction designer. He has worked for IDEO in London and has been involved in research at Casio in the US and at the Interaction Design Institute in Italy. His work at IDEO ranged from design for products and environments to user interfaces. Tom’s interface design for an Olivetti printer has recently helped IDEO win Design Week Award 2006 for best consumer product. He is also a tutor on the Interaction Design course at the Royal College of Art in London.