Interacting with Computers Special Issue

Volume 21, Issues 1-2, January 2009

Edited by Chris Raymaekers, Devina Ramduny-Ellis and Alan Dix

Guest Editors

Devina Ramduny-Ellis
Alan Dix
Steve Gill
Joanna Hare


6 Jan 2009

Devina Ramduny-Ellis, Alan Dix, Steve Gill & Joanna Hare
Pages 64-65

Alissa N. Antle, Greg Corness, Milena Droumeva
What the Body Knows: Exploring the Benefits of Embodied Metaphors in Hybrid Physical Digital Environments
Pages 66-75

Eng Tat Khoo, Tim R Merritt, Adrian D Cheok
Designing Physical and Social Intergeneration Family Entertainment
Pages 76-87

Cathy Treadaway
Translating Experience
Pages 88-94

Eva Hornecker & Andreas Dünser
Of Pages and Paddles: Intuitive Use and Playfulness in Children’s Interactions with Physical-Digital Tools
Pages 95-107

Helen Sharp, Hugh Robinson & Marian Petre
The Role of Physical Artefacts in Agile Software Development: a ‘cognitive dimensions’ perspective
Pages 108-116

Ylva Fernaeus, Martin Jonsson & Jakob Tholander
Setting the stage – Embodied and spatial dimensions in emerging programming practices
Pages 117-124