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Physicality 2006 was the first in this series of multi-disciplinary workshop which brought together together researchers who are interested in giving new insights and meaning of physicality into computing.

The workshop consisted of invited talks, short individual presentations, and group activities which enabled participants to discuss  the fundamental nature of physicality and how this relates to design in areas such as ubiquitous and tangible computing, virtual reality and digital arts.

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Keynote Speakers

Dr. Caroline Hummels

ID-Studiolab, IO TU Delft, The Netherlands

Dr. John Bowers

School of Music, University of East Anglia, UK

Steve Gill

Product Design Programme Director, UWIC, UK

Paper Contributions

Making the digital palpable
Monika Buscher

Noncommand-based Interaction in Tangible Virtual Environments
Johann Habakuk Israel

Building Bowls for Miscellaneous Media
Alex Taylor, Shahram Izadi, Laurel Swan, Richard Harper & Bill Buxton

Physicality from the sidelines: potential hurdles and solutions in the development of novel interaction styles
John Bonner

Physicality, spatial configuration and computational objects
Stuart Reeves

Material Artifacts in Cooperative Work Practice
Lars Rune Christensen

Physicality in tangible interaction: bodies and the world
Eva Hornecker

The moving self and others
Manuela Jungmann

Music, Physicality and the Physiology of Listeners
Johan Fagerlonn & Nyssim Lefford

Interaction with the physical aspects of visual displays
Holger Schnadelbach

Physicality and something else it’s associated with
Masitah Ghazali

Information seeking in the Humanities: Physicality and Digitality
Jon Rimmer, Claire Warwick, Ann Blandford & Jeremy Gow

Understanding Physicality on Desktop – Preliminary Results
Azrina Kamaruddin & Alan Dix

Discussion Panelists

Prof. Lucy Suchman
Sociology Department, Lancaster University, UK

Prof. Hans Gellersen
Computing Department, Lancaster University, UK